About CBjork Art

C.R.Bjork is an acrylic painter " A Colorist" born and raised in Southern California, signs his name CBjork on all work.  His art is mostly Fantasy and Pop Surreal, but also has aspects of Americana with some elements of realism.   Traditionally he began his art career painting Beanie Babies which were featured in many collectible magazines.  After that he became known for his Post Impressionism art of California, Nature, Animals, scenes of Las Vegas, and expressive Halloween.  His Tiki Hula art was a main focus because it allows him to combine so many expressions, with fun characters, and realistic elements of nature, but also he has a strong connection to the Tiki-Hula Scene, loves everything about the history of Tiki on the mainland, and the islands.  His art of Tiki-Hula are all inspired from his own unique imagination.  CBjork was born in the mid 70's and as a child grew very fond of Disney, and also tv shows like Bewitched, I dream of Jeanie, Munsters, and Smurfs, just to name a few.  With so many paintings created and sold throughout the years (around 3000 at 2021), CBjork's current concentration is focused on creating specific collections of art that are highly detailed scenes which are not only beautiful, but also entertaining.   His main goals for his art are to simply entertain others and himself, to experience a vacation with just a painting.   CBjork has many plans for the future regarding his art collections, but mostly it's about having fun and experiencing the journey of producing art. 
CBjork's studio is located at his home in Ventura Ca, and art can be viewed locally at Aloha on Main street.